Case Study | Cortez Cultural Center

The Brand

A 501c3 nonprofit, the Cortez Cultural Center provides an interactive forum for the community's artistic, cultural, educational, historic and natural environment interests.

Quick Look

This client’s social presence needed a boost, so we enrolled them in our basic (Bronze) digital marketing solution package.

Primary Goal

The client wanted to drive more locals and tourists to their location.

How We Showcased Them

With 4 social posts a month and the creation of strategic and targeted ads on Facebook, we are able to help this client reach their target demographic and beyond. We also create custom content for their blog page, ensuring that their website is updated regularly with valuable, relevant information while increasing their ranking in Google search results.


This client has a dedicated following on social media, locally and nationally. Thanks to our efforts on social media, the Cortez Cultural Center is top-of-mind as a vacation destination and learning asset for locals and tourists alike. The content we create for their website educates potential visitors on how to use the resources they offer, both culturally and environmentally.