Can You Define That for Me? The Meaning Behind Social Media Lingo

Social media today seems to center around three words: “reach,” “impressions,” and “engagement.” These three topics, taken at face value, appear to be jargon to those who are relatively new to social media. They are immensely important, however, in helping determine a business’s social media strategy.

Defining Crucial Terms

In social media circles, the term “reach” refers to the number of individuals who see a business’s content. This number is important for obvious reasons, and it should be one of the main factors to consider when putting together a social media strategy. As for the term “impression,” this word is a fancy way to say how many times a company’s content was displayed over a certain time period. Finally, for digital marketing purposes, “engagement” refers to the number of interactions that potential customers have with a business’s content. These interactions include things like comments, shares, quotes, and likes, along with any other way that readers can interact with the information.

Additionally, some words such as “Likes” and “Followers” may have the same meaning between two social media platforms. For example, a “Like” on Facebook may indicate someone has Liked the page and is now a follower. To do the same on Twitter, a user will actually “Follow” another page to begin seeing updates from that page.

The Best of the Rest

In social media today, the previously mentioned buzzwords are simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online slang. There are literally hundreds of terms and acronyms that are specific to this unique medium, from AMA (ask me anything) to zapier (a type of software that leverages “zaps,” which help users perform tasks and connect with each other). Included in this long list of jargon are the countless social media sites where users connect and post. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn can be seen as buzzwords themselves to those new to the social media world.

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