A Business Guide to Facebook Event Pages

Screenshot of facebook news feed, messages, events, find friends in Durango, CO

Event pages are great for sales, promotions, and (obviously) actual events like concerts. Smart businesses attract extra attention on Facebook through the use of event pages and social media optimization. Here are 4 key things to keep in mind.

1. Decide on a compelling name and images.

Your event’s name is the first thing users will see. A pun or exciting name will draw attention and encourage shares. Plain and simple titles like “Sale” can blend into a person’s newsfeed or seem like promotional spam. Make the event exciting, and choose a compelling image that’s relevant to the event. Make sure the image quality and resolution are appropriate for the way the image will be displayed. 1920 X 1080 is recommended for the main image on Facebook events.

2. Completely fill out the description as well as start and end times.

A complete description should explain all the key details, whether you have performers or some activities planned. Start and end times avoid confusion about the duration of your event. While including an end time is optional, Facebook will assume it ends three hours after the start time. Especially if your event is a multi-day sale, including an end time can keep your promotional event page alive.

3. Use an official location and add relevant tags.

If a major venue hosts the event, you will be able to link to that venue instead of entering an address. Social media optimization is all about making connections, and joining with a popular venue draws attention to your event. You may even be able to share a post about your event on the venue’s page. Tags are another critical way to make connections on Facebook. If the event includes a certain genre of music or popular games, Facebook uses those tags to predict which users might be interested in attending.

4. Enable public comments, join the conversation, and pin a comment of your own.

By allowing comments, you encourage people to ask key questions about the event. Details like parking may not have seemed necessary to explain in the event description, but questions can be answered in comment threads. This area also provides you with opportunities to promote and build anticipation. Post smartphone pictures to keep the public in-the-know on preparations. Rather than editing the description, refresh the feed by adding important updates as comments and pin them to the top of the discussion.

Spread the word about the upcoming event by making it a priority in your email marketing campaign. Social media optimization is all about leveraging different technologies to work together. For more effective event promotion, hire BCI Media Services to manage and optimize your social media content.