How Everyday Users Boost Online Listings

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Everyone wants to know how to improve their ranking on Google and other search engines. One way is to make the most of local ties. Improving rankings can be done with input from everyday users.

Google local searches can increase rankings in search results for users in your area. When people search for businesses, services, or products near their location, several places appear across Search and Maps. For example, a search on “foreign auto parts” from a mobile device or laptop will bring up several local results, including auto parts stores and mechanic shops. As more people conduct the same search in the area, these local listings start rising to the top.

User Input Shapes Listings

Dubbed by many as the next online gold rush, local search is powered by user input. The way to capitalize on this is to include location keywords in your content and tags. But there’s more to it than that.

A search query by a user with something such as “vegetarian pizza in Durango, CO,” leads to many listings popping up, with Google local search dominating over organic website listings. For a Durango restaurant that sells vegetarian pizzas to show up, a number of strategies need to be employed. Your website manager should to include the following in a marketing approach:

1. Google local listing optimization
2. Optimization in other local search directories
3. Inclusion in appropriate business directories
4. Ongoing management and updates of your information to stand out!

It’s important to not overlook review sites. These include Yelp, Foursquare, Trip Advisor, Urban Spoon, and more. Having a listing with these sites can provide a huge advantage for your business. The more that people review a business, the higher the site will climb in local listings. Remember, it’s also important to monitor your online reviews, responding as needed to the good and the ugly comments. Managing your reviews is also managing your direct relationships with your customers in the online world.

Why Local Search Matters

For those who think that Google local search doesn’t matter, think again. About 70% of those who are online happen to be shopping for local services and products. To a high degree, they rely on reviews and other forms of user input to make their purchasing decisions. Therefore, mastering local search marketing can help businesses make the most of everyday users’ input, from reviews to questions. Even problem reports can affect a listing’s search ranking. A Digital Marketing Strategist, versed in local search marketing tactics, can be a strong asset for your business when you are building your online presence.