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Chelsea Kemp
Content Fulfillment Agent


When were you introduced to the digital world?
Back in elementary school, where we used “ladybug” mice to navigate our Apple computers. My friends and I also spent a lot of time on Yahoo messenger, chat rooms, and Habbo Hotel.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
Hiking and camping. We’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!
Favorite internet sensation?
Toronto’s makeshift memorial for a dead raccoon, and memes.
What do you like the most about being a Digital Account Manager?
I love empowering small businesses. I’ve been lucky enough to work for several of Durango’s small businesses, now I get to work with them. I also love that my job requires me to learn something new everyday. Thanks, Google!

Ben Sorensen
Digital Marketing Specialist


When were you introduced to the digital world?
I was first introduced to the digital world when I was in middle school and would use “instant messenger” to talk with the girls I had crushes on. That, or the old AOL dial up internet tones followed by the automated voice stating “you’ve got mail”.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
If it’s outdoors- I love it! My major outdoor passion is hunting, it keeps me appreciative of the food on my plate. “The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom” -Theodore Roosevelt
Favorite internet sensation?
YouTube! I am an expert at EVERYTHING after watching a YouTube video about it. Who needs college when you have YouTube?
What do you like the most about being a Digital Marketing Specialist?
I am absolutely passionate about being a Digital Marketing Specialist. This is because I am able to make a meaningful impact on the lives of business owners in our community. There is no better feeling than seeing the businesses I work with grow and succeed through internet marketing. When they win- I win.

Kricket Lewis
VP of Product Management


When were you introduced to the digital world?
Goodness, a tough one. As a former Creative Director I started working in digital photography, advertising and multi-media in the early-90s. My work in Product Management and creating consumer and business products began in 2005 when I moved to paradise (Durango), began working for a start up company specializing in digital marketing applications and was introduced to and mentored by product pioneer Marty Cagan.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
My friends and I often express the phrase “so many activities!” because we live in a place with endless outdoor adventures. If I had to pick one, it’s mountain biking in the high country on challenging single track with epic views of the mountains and fields of wild flowers – pure fun, freedom and thankfulness for being alive.
Favorite internet sensation?
Fantasy football updates are pretty amazing! I also like to go through fashion and architecture sites to create my own outfits and dream homes …that I’ll never buy, but they sure look good!
What do you like the most about being the VP of Product Management?
My favorite part is bridging the technical and business worlds through working with creative and prolific design and developers to matrix teams of business development, sales and marketing. It’s never a dull moment and I believe the best results come from collaboration and challenging our own ideas.

Aaron Heirtzler
Director of Web Design and Development


When were you introduced to the digital world?
Well, long story, but it all started on a balmy, Summer evening over drinks on the back porch of Al Gore’s Tennessee Manor in the early 90s:
He turned to me, as he sipped his ice chilled 18 year old scotch and said, “Aaron, I hear you like to draw.”
“That’s on the real, Al.” I responded as I ran my fingers across the water drops of my caramel tinted, ice cold glass of southern ice tea.
He studied me for a moment before responding, “Well, let me tell you a little bit about this program I invented called Paint. You can actually draw on a computer.”
“Lay it on me, preacher man.” I said. Trying not to show my building, youthful excitement by burying my eyes in my drink.
And so, in the dwindling, Peach hues of a Southern sunset, he introduced me to digital art creation at its most basic. That was the groundwork for a lifetime spent exploring all manner of digital design, website development, and digital video and photography work.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
Mountain Biking and backpacking. Really, anything in the outdoors, but those are the headliners.
Favorite internet sensation?
Miss Muffy and the Muff Mob. A beautiful example of Flash animation at its most glorious.
What do you like the most about being a Web Designer (UI/UX Designer)?
I really enjoy the entire process of creating interactive media. From creating a website’s architecture to building the interactive elements and arranging the content in a way that makes the site both easy and intuitive to navigate and rewarding for the user to experience.

Brittany Cupp
Digital Marketing & Audience Development Manager


When were you introduced to the digital world?
Gosh probably the dial-up days when I used to log into AOL to instant message with the boys I liked from school and then instant message with my friends about the boys I liked :).
What outdoor activity do you like most?
Snowboarding, split boarding, paddle boarding, glamping, mountain biking, etc., etc.
Favorite internet sensation?
Tuna Melts My Heart (a chihuahua with an exaggerated overbite). Tuna and Instagram.
What do you like the most about being the Digital Marketing & Audience Development Manager?
Learning new things everyday and finding multiple ways to deliver a brand’s message online. It’s really exciting to be apart of such a new and growing industry and I’m super grateful to have the opportunity to have my job at BCI in such a gorgeous town. Plus all the crazy talented, fun, and inspiring people I work with…too much fun!

Skylar Bolton
Web Developer


When were you introduced to the digital world?
In my young years I played Zelda on the Nintendo64, and Cosmo’s Comic Adventures on the PC .
What pulled me into the digital world was a TI-83 graphing calculator where I was introduced to the TI-BASIC programming language.
First I wrote a simple number guessing game, then a puzzle challenge, and then a basic battleship.
Soon the limits of the system stopped me but my imagination was unbounded to the possibilities of programming.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
Rafting down a river, climbing a cliff, or biking down a mountain trail.
Favorite internet sensation?
Anything Google https://www.google.org/flutrends/us/#US
What do you like the most about being a Web Developer?
The amazing multitude of creative ways to get from the idea to a completed product.

Mike Smith
Web Developer


When were you introduced to the digital world?
I was first entered into the digital world when I was 8 years old. We got our first computer that ran on MS-DOS. It came with two games, nibbles.bas and gorillas.bas, instead of only playing the games I wanted to know how they worked. I then taught myself my first programming language, Microsoft Qbasic by reading through the source code of those two games. That’s when I began developing my own games for my family to play.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
Hiking and Moto (not necessarily in that order)
Favorite internet sensation?
Google! How did we get by without it?
What do you like the most about being a Web Developer?
The challenges. Doing the same thing everyday just gets boring for me. If something isn’t working I’ll put my all into getting it to work. The greatest satisfaction is when something that wasn’t working starts to work smoothly.

JaceJace Reynolds
Web Designer


When were you introduced to the digital world?
I may as well have been born with a keyboard, mouse, and video game controller in my hands. As a kid I loved playing Gameboy and Nintendo-64 games as well as spending unreasonable amounts of time doodling in Microsoft Paint.
What outdoor activity do you like most?
Favorite internet sensation?
I love everything about the internet! I am especially interested in the phenomenon of BitCoin and other internet-based currencies as well as the steadily growing network of wifi connected products known as “the internet of things”. I geeked out over this documentary.
What do you like the most about being a Web Designer?
It’s the best of both worlds, combining efforts of both the left brain and right brain. I’ve pursued creative expression through music and art since a young age, but I’ve always drawn to puzzles, problem-solving and organizational structures as well. Being a web designer lets me explore all of these passions simultaneously and keeps my synapses firing at full force!